De-Risking & Conduct Risk: A Conclusive approach

De-risking in today’s world has been perceived as a repercussion of regulatory acquisitiveness and an avoidance factor for futuristic enforcement trails. There is a hue and cry from supranational bodies to various international banking giants to have a pragmatic approach towards the un-banked and to avoid wholesale de-risking. A resilient and unassailable strategy will need […]

Scientist or Artist is the CCO? – An AML Compliance View

With multitude of technical requirements regarding ¬†various laws and regulations, the Chief Compliance Officer has to master the science of Compliance. As the going gets tough, the job now does not restrict to just writing policies and maintaining procedures. It is now a visionary role with top-notch disclosures¬†to the board while steering the organization in […]

The Ken of Compliance Analyst & AML Technology

The effective governance of AML issues and its timely scrutiny is vitally as important as much as its AML technology, given the ever-increasing regulatory duress. Some of the key organizational challenges within transaction monitoring system indeed needs attention in length, to effectively mitigate ML/TF risks, particularly in the light of rapid technological advancement. Especially, when […]

Surge in Australian property brings in AML amelioration within ‘New South Wales’

The surge in Australian property market is now extensively used by organized crime syndicates, and this now warrants for sterner oversight over purchases. Unwittingly, foreign buyers may end up using money generated by drug gangs. The shift of focus with Chinese buyers of real estate property in New South Wales makes regulators to focus more, […]

Run Circles around: Cost of regulation vs. its benefit

Tough question indeed, when it comes to assessing the cost of regulation as opposed to its benefits! Take a deep breath, as there is no concrete response to this. Do these large global corporate’s and leading financial institutions, leave alone the institutions in the emerging markets, have a choice? I suppose, not. Right from regulatory […]

Byzantine aspects within governance of data & related ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ woes

Ever since the history of mankind evolved with perceptive skills and expanded the horizon of his/her thought process, criminology has evolved and therefore crime and related fraud have become the topic of 21st century. Today no industry is immune to these threats and financial institutions are investing huge time and resources in developing robust compliance […]