Cyber Security Threat – A warranted collaboration

Many a government effort to protect masses against everyday cyber-crime and security threats have been wholly inadequate in the current regime


Is there a reason to be surprised? I guess not, as thousands of attacks successfully perpetrated against major governmental and supranational bodies by foreign adversaries prove that they cannot protect themselves.

The need for more serious and profound collaboration between public and private sectors is manifest; without it we will make little meaningful progress in improving the overall state of our security.

The need is particularly vital when it comes to protecting our own country/organizations critical infrastructure, where 80+ percent is in the able hands of private sector.

As employees/countrymen, we need government and industry to collaborate in protecting the machinery of our so called modern world. The question is how do we achieve this feat!

Here we need to recognize the need for public-private partnerships, wherein investigation bureaus, the EU and major forums should foster greater cooperation among those responsible for running the world’s critical infrastructure. Many other initiatives such as information sharing and analysis centers should help enable specific industries such as financial services, energy and communications to better collaborate and respond to cyber threats.

Here again, incident response and security teams have an influential role in improving coordination and response among trusted peers between both public and private fraternities. Indeed, there are real problems to be overcome to make such a partnership and information sharing regime viable and to reach its true potential.

Another area to be pondered is the lack of trust that private sector has in government(s) relating to maintenance of confidentiality, particularly when it comes to revealing cyber-threat data to competitors, let along protect it from antitrust risk. And on the other hand governments must figure out as to how to share knowledge of particular cyber risks, many of which are classified, with companies and technical personnel that lack required clearances to view such material.

The exigency of the technological hazards before us means that we must overcome these tribulations with much greater urgency in order to foster meaningful partnerships between these two sectors.

Security innovation network has been a positive move in this direction whose goal is to promote innovation in the field of cybersecurity by building meaningful bridges between these sectors by bringing together the leading players from both of these worlds.

Beyond making fighting cyber threat as a full time occupation by all participants working in the cyber-security ecosystem, it is imperative that a massive force is congregated for the challenges we face by developing smart and engaged general public.

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