Trust in God & Ghost in Wires: The Money Laundering & Crime Scene


Trust in god is a deeply trodden subject and has deep convictions at a spiritual level for many. Over years in most communities it is seen that people either offer their prayers either on a Sunday at Church or a Friday at temple, but a prayer to the screen is a daily phenomenon.

Not a day goes when one does not see his I-PAD, Mobile Phone or a GPS screen and we inherently believe and see trust in these gadgets despite the fact that most of do not know how these operate, their technologies and inherent risk they pose. There is no iota of doubt for any of us as to how our data can be rigged, right from Facebook information to mobile numbers.

Whilst money launderers are finding new ways to laundering funds cross border beyond the scope of current typologies, cyber criminals are on equal footing to breach technological barriers, and some are trying for a combination of both.

Auction payment fraud, identity theft, over-payment fraud, advance fee fraud and the list goes on in one hand & money laundering, child pornography to human trafficking on the other, have become the norm.

Behind all these are the ghosts crept in the wires, screens and data-banks within this new agent century. Needless to say we now live in a black box society in which some magical boxes of varying brands provide us directions, tell us about nearest restaurants and provides us charts to let us know of which stocks to buy and which ones to sell.

The grid that we are deeply reliant upon is taking control of us, lest we know how to handle and take it. These multi-million-dollar heist to money laundering trends are just the beginning and they are hitting economies and the common man already. Needless to say, our information systems can be penetrated within mere minutes and there is gathering storm before and all signs of disaster is totally visible.

These screens in our wrists, glasses, homes, dining tables, refrigerators are making our lives easier and I am never saying that technology is bad. But are they going to deprive us all from what we possess and is the judgement day approaching fast?

Not knowing what we use day in and day out, and our lives falling prey for those people who actually know this technology is the threat, and they are becoming stronger by the day.

Right from keeping up with a secure configuration, understanding the settings of our mobile phones, installing and updating anti-virus, protecting of personal information and fire wall maintenance are the basic nuances of safeguarding ourselves, including thoroughly reading privacy policies.

Though today’s technologies have been a boon for illicit actors, they will pale in comparison to the breadth and scope of technological change that will rapidly unfold before us in the coming years. But that is a challenge not for them, but for us as well. The breadth of vulnerability and untrustworthy computing has prepped the battle field for the future, and we better be ready for it!

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